3rd International Forum of Cybersecurity of the State “DIGITECH” POST-RELEASE

The 3rd International Forum of Cybersecurity of the State “DIGITECH" was held on 09-10 November, 2023 in St. Petersburg at EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The organizer of the Forum is the Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Co-organizers of the Forum - FGBU "Svyazist" and Exhibition Companies Group "BIZON" LLC.

The events of the Forum were held with the support and active participation of representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Committee of the Federation Council on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, the FSTEC of Russia, the FSB of Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Bank of Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, ANO "Digital Economy", ANO "National Digital Cryptography Technology Center", ANO "Agency for Strategic Initiatives", Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation, VTB Bank and other industry organizations.           

The exposition program of the DIGITECH Forum was presented in Pavilion F, on the territory of the Digital Industrial Park of the Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation along with individual stands of Russian developers of information security technologies for various sectors of the economy.

Such companies as R&D institute VOSKHOD, ANO "National Digital Cryptography Technology Center", Aladdin R.D., RUSIEM, ICL Group of Companies, Academy of Information Systems, InfoTECS, WebmonitorX, Scientific and technological center "NARTIS", ZECURION, Security Code LLC, INCONTROL LLC, Solar Security LLC, Confident LLC, VERUM LLC, SECURITM LLC, Ideko LLC and others presented their products, services and solutions.

For instance, the new products of ALADDIN R.D. were presented to a wide audience - JaCarta SecurBIO (USB token with a built-in fingerprint scanner) and Aladdin LiveOffice (a tool for ensuring secure remote work).

During his visit to the DIGITECH Forum, the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Mr. M. Shadayev, got acquainted with the innovations of the IT industry presented at the exposition and emphasized the industry partners of the Forum: general industry co-organizer of the DIGITECH Forum - Positive Technologies company along with the partners of the business program of the Forum - Angara Security and SOLAR Group of Companies.

The DIGITECH Forum was attended by 6 thousand people, including more than a thousand leaders and specialists of companies in the field of IT and communication technologies, also managers responsible for the digital transformation of public administration and cybersecurity in government agencies, representatives of industry associations and scientific organizations, as well as more than a thousand foreign visitors from a number of states of the world.

The Forum was attended by official delegations of the following constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Bashkortostan, Yakutia, Khakassia, Karelia, Altai, Mari El, Adygea, North Ossetia-Alania, Karachay-Cherkessia, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Kaluga Region, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.  

The key events of the DIGITECH Forum in 2023:


- Panel discussion "Invalid is impossible or new conditions - new quality of information security”

- Round table discussion "Information security in IIot: intersectoral safety landscape"

- Debate "Implement or certify: fast or safe import substitution of NGFW?”

- Panel Session "Tasks and Operational Issues of SOC 2023-2025 (Corporate and Commercial)”

- Panel discussion "Cyber stability of digital transformation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation”

- Panel discussion "International cooperation in information security field”

- Round table discussion "Countering phishing attacks in the Russian segment of the Internet"

- Panel discussion "Key issues of execution of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 01.05.2022 No. 250”

- Panel discussions "Advanced data processing and depersonalization" and "Data Security: leaks prevention. Revolving penalties”

- Debate “Vendors VS customers of information security solutions: protect or ignore”.

Within two thematic days, the business program of the DIGITECH Forum presented 20 thematic tracks with more than 130 Speakers - experts in the field of information security.

All events of the DIGITECH Forum were held with the support of federal and regional media, in particular: international portal "Helpinver", "Cyber Media" portal, international industrial portal PV.RF, Global Digital Space, media project "GOSKAZ", Media Group "Avangard", "United Industrial Editorial Office" (OPR), media holding "Vesti Moscow Region", PUBLISHER "VYSOTA" (HEIGHT), magazines "Bulletin of Communications", "Engineer and Industrialist Today", "Business Russia", «Let AI be», “FedPress” publishing agency, “RGRU” and others.


Organizer - ECG "BIZON" LLC.

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